Class Notes

Born 22 years the junior of Joseph Smith, Ellen White had a similar background. Both born in New England and raised during the Second Great Awakening they were surrounded by religious excitement. While Smith was not connected with any religious movement, White joined with the Millerite movement led by William Miller who had predicted Christ’s second coming would occur in 1844. At 14 both had religious experiences that changed them, Smith had the “First Vision” where God and Jesus appeared to him and White had her first prophetic dream where she met Jesus. Both told their parents as well as their local clergy. Smith was scolded by his clergy, whereas Whites saw her dream as genuine. A couple years after the First Vision Smith was visited by the angle Moroni and was told about the golden plates whereas White had her “First Vision” following the October Disappointment in 1844 when the Second Coming did not occur. Her vision helped led to the formation of the Seventh Day Adventists the way Smith’s vision led to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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