Historical Comparisons

Historical Comparisons In a recent interview, basketball megastar LeBron James compared NFL owners to plantation slave owners.  He was not the first to do so.  In fact, it has become a common way to describe NFL owners.  In some ways, I understand the reasons to make historical comparisons.  This entire column is dedicated to doing … Continue reading Historical Comparisons

Historical Christmas

With the closing of my first year writing HistoricallySpeaking, I thought I would end it right with a historic Christmas story.  Being a Civil War historian, one of myfavorite Christmas songs is, “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day”.  That may sound strange, most do not associatethe two together.  However, “I heard theBells on Christmas … Continue reading Historical Christmas

Historical Look at Impeachment

With all the talk of impeachment, it is time once again to explain exactly what impeachment is and also to look at it historically.  The important things to remember are that, one, impeachment does not mean removing a sitting president; two, we have never removed a president before; and three, impeachment is very difficult because … Continue reading Historical Look at Impeachment