Class Notes

To me the death of JFK started a new era in America. It seems that before his death Americans trusted and respected our leaders. You did not always like and agree with them, but respected the office. Americans also seemed to have a basic trust in America. The idea that we were being told the truth and if we were not, it was for a good reason. JFK’s death seemed to end that. For one for really the first time we did not believe the governments Warren Commission. A majority of Americans still think there was a conspiracy to assassinate the president, which means the government lied to us. We then started down a dark road of Vietnam, Watergate, and hostages which all seemed to suck the pride out of Americans. Things improved some in the 1980s, but I don’t think we have or ever will get back to pre-1963 where the majority of Americans believed our leaders were trustworthy and looked out for our best interest and that is sad.

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