Class Notes

With the founding of the nation, two men rose to the top that had different plans for the future of the nation.  Thomas Jefferson was the Secretary of State and he believed that American greatness would come from a land of yeoman farmers. If everyone lived on a self-sustaining farm then everyone would have what they needed for success and would be free.  Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of the Treasure, on the other hand saw American greatness coming from Industrialization, like Britain. We had the manpower and resources to compete with the great nations of the world. Yet under this plan only the employers would be free while the workers would not be politically free because they were reliant on employers for their jobs.  Jefferson believed people were inherently good and could make their own choices, while Hamilton saw people inherently bad and needed to be controlled.  In the end we proclaimed Jefferson the winner, but in reality, Hamilton came out as the victor.

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