Historically Speaking Update

A couple months ago, I wrote an article called “Divergent Black Voices,” where I spoke about how Walter Williams should be included on any list of important Black voices today for his work in economics and race.  The reason he is not discussed today with other important Black leaders is because he is a conservative.  I also discussed that this is a trend that goes back a hundred years in the history of disagreements in the Black community.  I learned today of the passing of Dr. Williams.  He was an important man who had important things to say that could help our current situation. 

I did not hear of his passing from the news programs I watch.  None of the major media channels did a story on his death, that I saw at least.  The only way I heard of his passing was a reader wrote me to let me know.  The lack of coverage of this important man only goes to show even more that only side of the story is being told.  I grew up in the shadow of George Mason University, a university that more than anyone else, Williams put on the map and made it into the respected university it is today.  He deserves his place among top intellectuals and even more among Black voices.

You can read my original article here: https://historicallyspeaking.blog/2020/08/04/divergent-black-voices/

You can also read an OPED story on his life and death in the Wall Street Journal here: https://www.wsj.com/articles/walter-williams-r-i-p-11606934313?fbclid=IwAR02tE1WCkyHWi7topD6RBvUb0C2K2-MBYEBFW06znmzFNlo1LcJoSNxXAk. 

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