Class Notes

If you pay attention to sports then you might have heard today that Rafer Johnson has passed away.  Johnson is one of the truly great American athletes having won gold in the decathlon in the 1960 Olympic games, the decathlon probably being the toughest sport there is.  There has been a lot said today about his accomplishments in athletics and as broadcaster.  Yet I have not heard any mention of his historical role in politics.  In 1968, he left the broadcasting booth to help with the presidential campaign of Bobby Kennedy.  He was standing next to Kennedy when he was shot.  It was Johnson who helped attack Sirhan Sirhan and took the gun from him.  After all the chaos at the end of day, when Johnson took off his jacket at home, he found he still had the gun in his pocket.  So not only should Johnson be remembered as truly one of the most gifted American athletes of all time but was also for being at one of the most infamous and tragic events in American History. 

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