Class Notes

First, I want to congratulate the Kansas City Chiefs for an amazing season capped off by a Superbowl win.  I moved to this part of the World in 2002 and it was then I began rooting for Kansas City, it being the closest city to where we lived at the time.  I also picked them because I really like Andy Reid and Alex Smith.  Smith has moved on, but I am so excited for Reid finally getting this win and will no longer have to the be the winningest coach without a Superbowl.  Its been a long time since I jumped up and down, so thank you for last night, what a great win.  Now on to history.

When the British refused to live up to their side of the peace treaty after the Revolutionary war, some founders, including Jefferson and Madison, wanted to cut off trade with Great Britain.  Hamilton however, feared losing the connection with Great Britain and especially feared losing the money brought in from the tariffs.  The Government sent John Jay to England to work out a deal.  Jay was told to stand firm on certain issues and make no compromise.  The problem for Jay was that Hamilton had told his contacts not to fear Jay, all bark and no bite.  Hamilton worried that a strong Jay might hurt relations.  In the end, Hamilton’s interference hurt Jay’s ability to negotiate and the terms in Jay’s Treaty were an embarrassment to the U.S. and hurt Washington’s administration.

It may seem that I am attacking Hamilton lately and maybe I am.  I still think Hamilton is the most important Founding Father when it comes what our nation has become.  I saw the play and liked it.  It’s just that I do not think they gave the entire picture of Hamilton and make him a bit too like-able.

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