Class Notes

Being Veteran’s Day, I thought I would do a class note on the Vietnam War.  The most infamous battle of the conflict was the January 1968 Tet Offensive.  The Viet Cong hoped to show Americans that they were not winning the war and create disaffection back home.  It worked.  More than any other battle, the Tet Offensive turned the tide of support back home against the War.  What is not often remembered is that the U.S. won the Tet Offensive.  33,000 enemy soldiers were killed and their armies driven back.  What people most remember is the 1,600 Americans that lost their lives and that Saigon was under attack. 

I want to wish all the veterans a Happy Veteran’s day, especially those who fought in Vietnam and were forced to return to a nation that did not appreciate their service. 

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