Class Notes

Ellen White’s biographer, Reme Noorbergen, wrote, “the record of Ellen White as a prophet is not one based purely on fulfillment of prediction, yet even though she never laid boastful claim of being a prophet, she most definitely did the work of one and more. Her medical insight was faultless in every way; her spiritual foresight was just as broad and grand in scope. For her prophetic warnings were strong and far reaching. From the moment of her very first vision, Ellen White openly claimed that it was the power of God which spoke through her as He had done through other prophets in ages past.”

While both White and Joseph Smith both had visions, there are key differences. Smith was not only prophet of the Church, but the president and leader. White received visions and was important, but never was seen as leader of the Church. Furthermore, while Smith will be followed by new prophet/president after his death, no so such person emerges after White. Smith and White both differ from Alexander Campbell, in that they were part of a new denomination, where Campbell never meant or accepted a creation of a new religion. Where all three are the same is the idea of restoring the original gospel that had become corrupt.

As with the last book I will not use this one again for introduction to the Seventh-day Adventists. As for this book it seemed written for those already member of the faith and trying to convince them that Ellen White was truly a prophet and not a psychic. There was not enough about the religion she helped found.  I also did not find it on an academic level for college students.

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