Class Note

doing some research for an upcoming article and found this interesting

A speech to the House of Representatives, Dec 7, 1855 by Lewis Campbell regarding voting for Speaker of the House.

“Mr. Campbell, of Ohio. Mr. Clerk, I ask the indulgence of the House until I can remove one of the obstacles to our organization. The country is looking on our proceedings with deep anxiety, and every member is ready to acknowledge the importance of a speedy organization. We have now been voting dive days; twenty-three votes have been taken. I find, through the partiality of friends, that I have received, in six of those votes, a higher number than any other candidate before the House; and in all the votes, a greater number than any other candidate of the opposition to the Administration. Yet sir, it is obvious to me that it is Impossible for my friends to succeed, unless I can perform one of the three conditions: to repudiate my well-known principles in reference to slavery; my views on Americanism; or, in some way directly, or indirectly, to make pledges with regard to the forming of committees which will amount to a sacrifice of my self-respect, and make me, in my opinion, a fit object for public contemp.”

              “Under these circumstances, and feeling that the interests of the country require an organization, and regarding those interests as paramount to every other consideration, I withdraw my name from the canvass. And in taking my seat, I desire to return to the friends who have shown so much fidelity to me, my sincere gratitude, and my thanks to my political opponents who have given me evidences of their personal regard. My name is withdrawn.”

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