Class Notes

Class Notes

Today is my last class for the semester and as such it will be my last class notes for a bit before I start up again in the fall. My summer classes are not lecture classes so I will not be posting class notes from those classes. I will continue to write my articles and will be traveling and so will post some Historical Travels. See you in the Fall

After Texas gained its independence and Sam Huston became president, he supported the idea of Texas joining the Union. However, President Van Buren knew that adding new territory meant having to debate slavery and that would lead to conflict, so he declined annexing Texas. When President Lamar was elected president of Texas, he wanted to keep Texas independent, but then Huston came back in and things had changed. James K. Polk had won the presidency and he had run on pushing American boundaries, 54-40 or fight, and was more than happy to allow Texas to join, no matter the cost.

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