Class Notes

The Election of 1816 ushered in a new President, James Monroe, but also a time called the Era of Good Feelings.  It was called this because we became a one-party system as the Federalists had died and now everyone at least in name was calling themselves a Republican. In an effort to unite the nation under this one party, Monroe tried to appoint members of the cabinet from all sides. This was a great idea until he appointed John Quincy Adams as Secretary of State. Adams was exceptionally qualified but was an old Federalist.  The major issue was that the Secretary of State was the launching pad for the president for the past three presidents. Republicans were upset that they may have won the political battle only to the lose the war.

2 thoughts on “Class Notes

  1. I believe you meant the election of 1816. This was the first election in which James Monroe was elected President and the start of the Era of Good Feelings. By the way, I enjoy your posts.


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