Class Notes

After the Boston Tea Party the British Government came down hard on Boston with what they called the Coercive Acts.  There were four of them.  What is interesting is that the colonists will call these the Intolerable Acts, but will include five.  One act that the colonists lumped into the Intolerable Acts, but were not meant to be part of the punishment, was the Quebec Act. The first part of Quebec Act allowed Catholics “freedom of conscience” and allowed them to have a North American Bishop. Considering the King of England was also the head of the Anglican Church, supporting Catholics was just out of line to the colonists and they saw it as a plot to force Catholicism on the colonies.  Even larger however was that the Quebec Act allowed the French in Canada to settle the Ohio River Valley area.  This was the land that the British colonists had won in the French and Indian War but were denied access to.

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