Class Notes

“Dalia had long believed in Einstein’s words—that “no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” For Dalia the key to coexistence lay in what she called “the three A’s”: acknowledgement of what had happened to the Palestinians in 1948, apology for it, and amends.  Acknowledgment was in part, so “see and own the pain that I or my people have inflicted on the Other.”  But she believed this must be mutual—that Bashir must also see the Israeli Other—lest “one perpetuate the righteous victim syndrome and not take responsibility for one’s own part in the fray.”  Through this acknowledgment, she and Bashir could act “as mirrors through which our own redemption can eventually grow.”  As for amends: “It means that we do the best we can under the circumstances towards those we have wronged.”  But for Dalia this could not involve a mass return of refugees.  Yes, she believed, the Palestinians have the right of return, but it is not a right that can be fully implemented, because the return of millions of Palestinians would effectively mean the end of Israel.”

The Lemon Tree

                                                                                                Sandy Tolan

Not only are Dalia’s words important for Israel, I think there is a lot Americans could learn from them as well to help us move forward in our own divides. 

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