Class Notes

more of an Op-ed than class note

I hope this is taken as the nonpartisan post it is intended to be.  At some point the American people and mostly Congress need to stand up and demand an end to executive orders.  This has nothing to do if you agree with them or not, but the fact that one man can have that much power is incorrect. 

Just take the Paris Climate Treaty.  The Constitution clearly states that all treaties must be approved by Congress, yet Obama agreed to it with no approval, Trump came in and took us out with no approval, and finally Biden brought us back.  The next Republican president can then take us out again.  Again, I am not arguing for or against the Treaty, only how it is being done.  It should not be so easy for presidents to jump back and forth.

There is nothing in the Constitution or in any of the Founders writings that suggest they had any intention of giving that much power to one person.  Yes, the executive branch needed to be strong to balance out the strength of Congress, but they just broke from an all-powerful king and had no intention of creating a new one. Outside of Supreme Court decisions, where else does any group in Government have complete power with no oversight.  At least with the Supreme Court there are nine members, the president is just one man.

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