Class Notes

Before the release of Hamilton this week on Disney+ there are a few historical facts that should be known.  The real Alexander Hamilton is the most important Founding Father when it comes to the creation of the United States.  However, he was also was also an elitist who wanted a King and did not support those at the bottom, including other immigrants.  Even more importantly, Hamilton was a slave owner.  The slaves belonged to his wife, but became his upon marriage.  Hamilton did not free his slaves, but actually took over the business of buying and selling slaves for her family according to Harvard Professor Annette Gordon-Reed.

The people you love so dearly from the play, Jefferson, Madison, Washington, the Schuyler sisters, Hercules Mulligan, Marquis de Lafayette, and yes Hamilton, all betrayed their nations and all owned slaves.  Even John Laurens, who was against slavery and never owned any, used his father’s slaves as his valets during the War.

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