Class Notes

With my current classroom situation (going fully on-line), I may not have a class note to post every day. I will try to get a few in. Here is an important one

If we are to ever heal as a nation it is important that we accept and deal with the issues of slavery and its effects on people today. In this effort, I applaud the New York Times 1619 Project. However, at the same time if we exaggerate some claims and are untruthful with others in an effort to push an agenda it does more harm than good and makes it impossible to ever heal. Dealing with the 1619 Project, five prominent historians, and I am talking the very top of their fields, have written a letter accusing the New York Times of just that. Race relations are difficult right now, and we need to have real conversations about the topic and our history with slavery. I am doubtful, but I hope the Times listens to these historians and make the necessary changes so a true honest conversation can start. You can read the letter and the Times disappointing answer here

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