Class Notes

If General George B. McClellan had any ability as a general, he could have won the Civil War with his first engagement.  His plan was brilliant.  Using ships, he got around the majority of the Southern army by moving over 100,000 men to the Virginia Peninsula.  From the Peninsula, it was a straight shot and barely over 70 miles to Richmond.  The only thing standing in his way was John B. Magruder and 10,000 men at Yorktown.  Instead of swatting the rebels aside, McClellan lost his nerve and instead laid siege to Yorktown that lasted a month.  McClellan should have been able to walk into Richmond, but his caution allowed the majority of the Southern Army to move down and protect Richmond at the Battle of Seven Pines.  The War would last another three years.

Off to Texas for a couple days. This will be the last Class notes for the week.

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