Class Notes

First I want to say congratulations to the Washington Nationals. I have not lived in the D.C. area for many years, but it will always have my heart and be my home town. What an amazing run, the underdog in all four series. I am excited to see D.C. sports have some life back. Great year. now for today’s Class Notes

With WWII already being waged in Europe, Roosevelt knew that America would have to eventually join the fight. However, the American people did not feel the same and let the President know. They felt WWI had not accomplished anything, but take away American lives. Knowing this, Roosevelt gave a speech during his campaign for a third term, where he promised parents that their sons would never have to fight in a foreign war.

I am a big fan of F.D.R., but this is an area where I have issues. I believe F.D.R. knew we would fight and lied to the American people, knowing good and well we could never stay out of the conflict.

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