Winston Churchill Movies

thought i would just throw this out in case anyone is interested. I have been reading and watching a few movies about Winston Churchill and I am becoming a huge fan. I knew about his role in WWII, but he did so much more. He was a legitimate war hero being captured and escaped during the Boer War but is also an accomplished scholar as well.

What I have done is put together a sequence of movies you can watch to capture the essence of this remarkable man. Not only are these all good movies they are historically accurate

1. Young Winston, 1972. Great film that takes you up to when he is 26 and elected to Parliament.
2. Gallipoli, 1981. This is not a movie about Churchill, and most of the film takes place in Australia. The reason it is important to watch is that Churchill was in charge of the Gallipoli campaign during WWI; it almost ruined his career and will following him the rest of his life. Note that the film is a bit hard on the British, they were slaughtered right next to the Australians. One of the first Mel Gibson films. 
3. The Gathering Storm, 2002. Takes place in the years before WWII and goes to 1939 when he becomes the First Lord of the Admiralty
4. The Darkest Hour, 2017. This is my favorite of all these films and his most important time. This is Churchill becoming PM and his decision to go to war.
5. Churchill, 2017. This film deals with the planning and decision for D-Day.

If you watch these I think you can see why I think Churchill is the most important British leader ever.

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