Legitimacy of Political Parties

With the government shutdown now over, it is historically intriguing that one of the central players, President Donald Trump, with plenty of help from the Democrats, is helping to destroy the political reality that his hero, Andrew Jackson, helped create--legitimate political parties.  The Founding Fathers all abhorred the idea of parties.  George Washington made parties … Continue reading Legitimacy of Political Parties

How the 1884 Election Could Have Predicted the Trump Victory

As I give lectures, I am often asked about the Trump Presidency in historical terms.  Commonly, my answer is there is no historic precedence for Trump.  His campaign went against all the rules and he is running his presidency in his own unique way.  There are some similarities, I have already written about how presidents … Continue reading How the 1884 Election Could Have Predicted the Trump Victory

Presidential Summits

Coming out of the summit meeting with the Russian leader, America has a black eye.  Our President looks weaker now than before, while the Russians are praising their leader’s political abilities.  While this can easily be said about President Trump’s meeting with Putin, I am actually talking about President Kennedy’s 1961 Vienna Summit with Nikita … Continue reading Presidential Summits